Holt House From Above

The Thomas Holt House house sits on a hill that once looked over a vast farm and antebellum plantation. The property has stood strong against the tide of modernization in the past, but since Charles Witherspoon (great grandson of Thomas Holt) sold the remaining 263 acres of the original Holt property in 2016, the former farm will see its most significant changes since Thomas Holt's father John first settled on the land. A new residential community - named "Witherspoon", after the farm's final caretaker - is being built on the remaining acreage while the historic house and several additional structures, including another house built by the Holt's in 1929, rest on 9 acres surrounding the hilltop home. The tree lines surrounding the house provide a nearly perfect indication of the property lines. The north side of the property fronts Crockett Road while the east, south, and west sides front lots within the new residential community. The first phase of development has begun on the community; roads and street signs are in and several houses are under construction. Check out the video and images below to see the house and its surroundings from above.